Heritage Town

Coat of Arms

This was designed for the new borough in 1886, to reflect the town's heritage and manufacturing links. Morley's coat-of-arms is shown on the right in its true colours.

The shield was divided into three horizontal sections, the middle one being a red band with a golden shuttle and bobbin loaded in. The two parts of the shield above and below the red band were coloured silver. Above was the boll of the cotton plant to signify the importance of this commodity in the production of union cloth.

On either side of the cotton boll were two cannon balls. The cannon balls represent the Civil War conflicts of 1643; Below the red band was a pick and shovel arranged like crossed swords. This was done to symbolise the coal mining industry which had about 1500 workers in Morley in 1887.

Whether the pick and shovel had anything to do with stone quarrying also is unknown but this particular industry was also important in the town at this time.

The motto Industria Omnia Vincit seems to be based on that of Bradford which is Labor Omnia Vincit. The surrounds of the shield are in red and silver with some gold on the helmet above it. 'Industria omnia vincit' translates from Latin as 'Industry Conquers All'.