Heritage Town

Morley Biography

Morley is a Victorian heritage town in the outer south area of Leeds. Occupying a large town centre with a mix of independent retailers, indoor market, national brands and a large hospitality offer including restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Morley is enveloped with 3 main parks, Dartmouth, Scatcherd and Lewisham providing scenic areas for recreational activities such as brass bans concerts, skate parks, playgrounds and plenty of green space.

Morley's 'unique selling point' is it's rich heritage and one that is well documented and celebrated. Morley was recently named in the press as the 'most patriotic town in the UK' mostly due to our annual St George's Day festival which is the largest of it's kind in the North and has become renowned as a fun-filled family weekend attracting over 20,000 local residents and visitors from surrounding towns. This is something that contributes to our DNA, one that we are proud of and wish to capitalise on.

Morley has a vibrant events calendar with a lot of time & resources going into delivering community and commercial events to engage with the wider public and business community. We have a wide range of local community organisations providing leisure and cultural activities to the residents of the town.

Morley Town Centre Management Board is a three-way partnership between Morley Town Council, Morley Chamber of Trade and Commerce and Leeds City Council. This group strives to work hard to allocate time and resources to ensure Morley town centre and its surrounding areas are well maintained, clean and secure, Morley town centre also boasts free car parking at all times.

Morley Chamber of Trade and Commerce has a strong partnership with our neighbours at the White Rose Shopping Centre. The Chamber is involved in a series of incentives to involve a fresh approach to revitalising the town centre, strengthening Morley's USP as an independent town with a growing number of independent retailers. We are working alongside land owner Land Securities to promote Morley as a key destination for shopping, leisure and culture by pooling resources and expertise to create a prospectus and engage with new retailers and hospitality providers.